I like Edius 3.5. I have not edited the Panasonic HD P2 format yet. I am debating about upgrading my Premiere Pro vs upgrading Edius 3.5. Pro to Edius Brocadcast. The Edius upgrade will be more money but there is another issue. I think Adobe supports 10 bit and has great integration with AE and Audition. I am half tempted to get the CS complete package. Form what I understand Premiere Pro and AE are decent when using the Panasonic HD P2 format. I like both Premiere and Edius. This is a tough decision. I can almost see the CS4 suite being 64 bit before Edius 5. I think Edius has had some nice features added like the DVD authoring. I wish I could get a sneak peak at Edius 5 before I decide to go HD. I think I will be purchasing my equipment and software after taxes. I will try the trial version of both programs when I actually get the equipment but any info would be weclomed.