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    If you want to check Anton, I think that Digital Juice had a very good tutorial on how to get good quality uploads to You Tube. I think it was under one of the Tech Know sections with Eric.
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      You are not the only one. I can't stand the quality of Youtube videos either. It is worse than watching a VHS video.

      As for 4:3 or 16:9 videos, I tried using Procoder 3 - even if I tried to force 16:9 - Youtube still displays it as 4:3. Looks really awfull.

      Only when I used Sorenson Squeeze, the 16:9 gets letterboxed (with black borders - top and bottom) - that looks much better. Too bad - after EDIUS 4.6 - Squeeze has to Zzzz until they fixed the problem.

      Have encoded two videos (one using MP4, the other using OnVP7, at 512Kbits/sec) - I am VERY impressed with OnVP7 encoding. The colours look so much better than the MP4 version. Fantastic. The MP4 file size - 32MB. The OnVP7 file size - 28MB.
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        With my little site I have it set that if you load up a FLASH clip it does not re encode it once on the server. This means I can encode out good VP6 ones and know they will be fine. I loaded a flv up to youtube and it stuffed it. I agree youtube sucks but they were the first to do it so $$$$..

        I am going to try and see if the vp7 codec can be included with the list of codecs the ffmpg encoder can accept, then I can load up vp7 clips to it.

        Yes the Vp7 is king if you ask me. I have compared it to QT, wmv, Divx, Xdiv encodes.
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          Agreed. VP7 is not too bad at all, relatively quick to encode and very widely used professionally. On2 have been developing VP8 for the last couple years and its a little overdue already. As always though, it will be a PC only codec so there will be no direct support for encoding or playback using any Mac OS based system which is a minor hinderance to widespread adoption in the industry. I still believe for wider cross platform compatibility H.264 is the superior format which is why industry players who previously used VP7 are showing signs of moving to H.264. In my own tests VP7 seems the superior codec at higher bit rate 2-pass encodes but falls apart at the lower bit-rates encodes where H.264 is seems the cleaner codec.


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            Wags awesome stuff. I talked with these guys years ago back before H264 was even thought of. Even then the tech they had was amazing.

            One Problem though is it does not seem like they have a Quicktime component for OS X Apple users. If so this is why this CODEC will never go anywhere. You have to support everyone. REALplayer had the same issue... look at where they are now.
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              Well done! this is some fatasic footage and the encode is excellent!

              With this needing the codec can we give a link for potential users to download the codec? so they can play it - as wmp will not play this file and when allowed to access the codec library online cannot find a codec to play it.

              This maybe a dumb question..........sorry
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                Thanks guys.
                As soon as the water clears up here I will go out and shoot some more.
                One thing I have found is that underwater footage really test out the encoders and codecs. That's why I left Aspect HD and Premiere Pro.

                The link to download the free player and encoder is
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