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Do I need to buy NX upfront?

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  • Do I need to buy NX upfront?

    I am about to buy Edius Pro. If I want the NX card at some point do I need to buy it now. The computer I have for the next few months does not support the NX card.

    Can the NX card be bought separately, after the software?

    Also, the NX card has been out a while. Is there going to be an upgrade? Or does the card do everything it needs to now and for the next 2 or 3 years?

    Finally, does the NX card required when editing in any of these formats:
    DVD mpeg (NTSC & PAL)
    HDV 1080i (59.97, 24p-HV20, 24F-XHA1
    HDV 720p (30p, 24p, both JVC HD110)
    Analog SD (I have an ADVC300 and another A/D conversion option)

    I have been using Liquid and Premiere, but I want to switch to Edius as I begin editing a major documentary. I will be using video from many existing sources and also from the cameras listed above (and possibly other cameras in the next year, such as the new Sony, etc.)

    Will Edius alone do what I need. Should I buy the NX board with the software, even though I won't be using the NX for at least a few months.


    (Note, I have PC3 and have been using PC for several years with great success. Also have Imaginate 2.0.)

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    Well Edius comes with NX, so if you pay $500~ or so for EDIUS, you will get a new copy later on with the NX, so you'll have 2 copies.

    Not sure if anything new will come out, but NAB is right around the corner.


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      Originally posted by JackB View Post
      Can the NX card be bought separately, after the software?
      No, the NX package will always include software. To some, the idea of an additional (bonus) license (for a 2nd machine, a notebook, etc) is an attractive enough deal.


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        Can someone tell me in layman's terms what the card does. I mean, I have used Edius without a card a while back.

        Just need someone to explain it to me. The advantages and such.
        Motion Art Cinematography

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          *Broadcast quality output via Component (HD or SD)
          *Frame accurate video out
          *Capture analog video to 422 codecs (Instead of being limited to DV)
          *MPEG2/MPEG4 SD realtime encoders