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"No" problems with EDIUS capturing from broken tape recordings

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  • "No" problems with EDIUS capturing from broken tape recordings

    I have seen several issues surfacing in this forum regarding capturing from tapes (HDV or DV) that have gaps in between the recordings.

    People were complaining about the EDIUS capture stopping or generating the dread message "Target Disk too slow" whenever they encounter tapes that were recorded badly in the first place.

    Well, I just took delivery of a Sony HDV tape drive (GV-HD 700E) - it is "not" a professional deck like the DSR-25 (for DV only) - but, it will serve its function well - since all my HDV tapes (coming in from clients) are only recorded on miniDV tapes.

    The first tape I did a capture (haven't been doing that since I got my HVX202) ... had a break (a gap in the recording of about 5 seconds). The person somehow "fast wind" the tape - pressed the wrong button on camera.

    Anyway, when I put that tape into the tape deck, and did the capture, I was pleasantly surprised that EDIUS was not only smart enough to recognise scene changes (and create a separate clip on timeline for me), but it was also able to "wait" for the tape drive to go pass the break in the recording. Everything was perfectly captured into the bin.

    Kudos to Glass Valley ...
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    That is what makes the "Target Drive Too Slow" error so frustrating. We just cannot find the common denominator from the people that are getting it. Some of us have never had it regardless of capturing styles.