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  • Blur person out in background

    I've shot a static scene on the tripod of a person talking into camera and there is a person in the background that we would like to blur out.

    Is there a video out there that explains how to do this?

    Is there a way you mask around the subjects face/head/shoulders to make this work and apply blur filter to a copied video on track 2 (hoping I am heading in the correct direction here)

    Thanks in advance

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    No need for a copied track. Luckily there is Auto Tracking. Grab Mask and use the Oval Region. Select Gaussian Blur as the filter and set the amount of blur as desired. In Mask, turn on the Keyframing by checking the top box. After you scale and place the blurred mask over the person you want to blur, look for the row that says Tracking. Clicking on the very first button (Track Reverse) allows tracking in reverse and clicking the last button (Track Forward) allows tracking forward.

    75-80% of the time this works perfectly. for the remaining time, you may have to manual adjust some of the keyframe positions. They will automatically blend with the algorithm of the auto tracking.

    If you use my New Favorite Effects (sticky post in this forum post #1 in your Effects, I have a folder called Blurs and in that is an Effect called Blurred Oval that already has a Mask with the blurred oval applied. Just adjust the scale and position and go.
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      Thanks so much for this, I will have a go later on and report back.