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    Originally posted by JackV View Post
    Besides using the preview window, I mainly use an external 1920x1080 preview monitor. This monitor is configured as an extended display of Windows. As a graphics card I use the Intel UHD Graphics 630 hardware and software, referred to in Edius as Generic OHCI.

    If I want to adjust the settings of the OHCI Preview Device (System settings> Hardware> Preview Device) I get the message: "Device doesn't support the current format. Unable to update settings. "
    I have no idea what the differences between the device and the current format could be and I don't get any information about that.


    Driver Full Range.JPGDriver Limited Range.JPG
    A search on the forum would bring this up. If you don't have an external card, you will get this message. Basically it means you are using software out vs a hardware card. You can turn that message off if you like in System Settings.
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      Hi Anton,

      Also known as Firewire or IEEE 1394, the OHCI interface is not a video card interface, as I previously thought, but is a standard used to exchange data with DV camcorders.
      I don't know a monitor with an IEEE 1394 interface and I suppose it's not the intention to use a DV camcorder as a preview device.
      Therefore, I don't understand why Generic OHCI is present in the Preview Device window, nor why this option is checked (I can't turn it off). Besides, my PC doesn't even have an OHCI controller installed.

      Does only a DeckLink Mini Monitor (or a GV device) offer the possibility to display the full range luminance on a monitor or can this also be done via a separate video card?
      In your Preview Device window I only see the DeckLink Mini Monitor and not the RTX-2070 video card that is also present on your system. Maybe you have an explanation?

      I am very disappointed that Edius, a professional product, does not offer the ability to adjust the luminance range of the Preview window to produce full-range RGB videos and the user has to purchase special hardware, while it easily can be fixed by software.

      Applying special hardware is not an option for me; I also alternately use my external monitor as an extended Windows screen while editing.

      Therefore, I am unfortunately forced to use the following method:
      1. Compress the Y range from 16-255 to 16-235 of all clips to see the full dynamic luminance range of the original recording
      2. Edit the clips (for correct display on the preview window, in real time Edius temporarily expands 16-235 to 0-255)
      3. Expand the Y-range of all clips from 16-235 to 0-255
      4. Export the video
      5. A full 0-255 range RGB screen or TV now correctly displays the full luminance range of the video.


      Preview Device.png


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        you need a GV or BM card in order to see the full range, in order to see the correct frame rate, in order to see correct component colors

        the graphics card output will give you a limited range, will cause picture tearing during pans because the refresh rate of a graphics card does usually not match the video, colors are wrong because PC mon are RGB
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