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  • Closed Captioning Export Help

    Due to the Covid-19 crisis and the need to keep employees save from contracting the virus, our news producing hub has moved all production off-site, meaning all our news anchors and editors have been working from home since March and will be for the foreseeable future.

    We now exclusively deliver our newscasts to our MC hub via FTP in mpeg 2 format.

    The problem we are facing is that we have no CC available doing it this way. I'm aware, and have been able to create the .scc captioning file and import it into Edius. I can see it during playback.

    However, when I export the file, the only options I have for including CC is to either embed it or create a sidecar file. Our MC can't take the file and combine them to make it work. They'd likely have to redo the entire playout with a new system...and that's not going to happen.

    Keeping in mind these newscasts have to be delivered each day by 5pm and 9pm (meaning we don't have time to send this out to a service), am I missing a detail that would allow me to export a single (video/audio) file with CC that isn't embedded or need to be on a sidecar file?

    Thanks for any help/direction in advance!