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  • Source Browser sorting issue

    Hi there, I'm having an issue in the source browser of Edius 9. We have 3 PC's running Edius 9 in our newsroom these PC's all look at a NAS which is setup with a network drive where all our vision is imported (from a different PC) using an XD Deck and PDZ. A folder is created for each disk ingested and titled in the same format year, month, day, job title. eg. "200529 Government Press Conference". The drive has been added to the XDCAM folder in the source browser.

    This is where the problems begin, 2 of the 3 PC's show the job folders in the browser in date order, that being the newest job at the bottom and the oldest at the top. Whereas the 3rd PC lists these job folders in a completely random order. As far as I can tell the 3 computers and software are identical in hardware and settings so I'm a bit lost.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as it makes it quite a slow process to try and find the folder you're looking for.

    Regards, Andrew.

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    I don't use the source browser but in the bin clicking the name heading will do a normal windows sort either first or last at the top. I assume that is the same for the browser.
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