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Firewire 800 PCI card

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  • Firewire 800 PCI card

    If I'm having problems digitizing HDV footage **Destination disk drive to slow**
    with Firewire400 PCI card would it help to replace the FIREWIRE400 PCI card with a FIREWIRE800 PCI card?

    Has anyone had experience with try both of these cards? If so what was the outcome?

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    Shouldn't make a difference as the incoming stream is 25 Mbps.

    The key will be finding where the bottleneck is occurring. Despite what the message says, it really means there was some interruption in saving the incoming stream - it might be the disk, but it might be something entirely different.


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      FW800 has a different type of connection, though I think there is a adapter for it and it should have an additional FW400 port...

      As Brandon stated, somethings wrong as 25mbps (3.6MBps) is not much data, so something's wrong there. Try changing the PCI slot.