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  • Edius7 Clock interrupt

    I have spent two years researching, filming and editing a 1hr 58 minute programme.
    When I try to print to file it stops part way through.
    When I try to make a dvd it again stops. Eventually I end up crashing with a blue screen which says,"A clock interrupt was not received on secondary processor within the allocated time limit."

    Also, when I try to make a dvd with a new set of chapter points it keeps showing the old ones.I have wiped and remade my chapter points so many times, closed Edius, restarted the computer but still the old chapter points keep coming up.

    I have tried removing Edius and replacing it from my original programme disc but again it stopd.
    Help please.

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    Is it stopping in the same place?
    Can you make a continuous HQ avi? Try making an avi in sections
    Edius for making a 2 hour DVD would not be on my radar. Wrong tool!!!

    How much room on your hard drive? If the hard drive is over 80% full forget it. Is the drive internal? 7200?
    Hardware system, processor, cooling, overclocking????
    A few pointers for starters.


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      mark in and out the whole timeline and press Shift+Q, see if it completes

      to solve your DVD chapter issue, in diskburner movie tab, delete the sequence and then add it again
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        Clock interrupt

        I have had my local computer tech remotely access my computer due to coronavirus and he managed to get my Edius7 disc to work and reinstalled the programme. I have removed all the chapter points.
        Tried to "burn to disc" and authorised deleting the previous file but got a blue screen again saying "clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor on time" after about two minutes.
        My disc capacity is only up to 68%

        Kind regards
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          Nice to see that you are still alive and kicking in Sydney. For you, and you alone, I am prepared to give you a direct link into my editing suite. If this is of interest drop me an email at [email protected] and I will send you the link. As you can see I am a bit desperate as we have checked everything that we know of.
          Kind regards


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            Clock interrupt

            Help Grass Valley. Someone must know why when I try to "save to file" that it makes my computer shut down with a blue screen saying that "A clock interrupt was not received on secondary processor within the allocated time limit."
            It is the same effect if I try to make a dvd. The programme runs perfectly on the timeline.
            If I cannot find a solution then over two years of my work will be lost.


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              This is I am sure a hardware issue not a GV issue.

              Both operations exporting and making the DVD/Blu-ray files are consistently high processor load activities, and require good cooling to avoid freeze ups. Playing the timeline will run the CPU at 100% at the beginning and when the buffer is full it should relax the CPU load, so that is a much lesser stress test than exporting or making a DVD.

              Check no dust accumulated in the CPU fan or heatsink, or the case or power supply fans. Paint brush to clean plus vacuum cleaner or buy a can of compressed air.

              CPU's should be kept as far below 60 degrees as possible during heavy load such as 50-52 degrees as most CPU's have an internal protection module to close down if they are getting too hot, and at the point it is triggered there will be no CPU response to the system.

              CPUZ app will tell you the core temperatures during rendering (exporting).

              Sometimes cooling paste dries out and needs refreshing between the CPU and the heatsink, the old needs cleaning off first with isopropyl alcohol.

              I have seen instances of RAM cooling being poor due to case design and limited air flow, and it can be fixed with an extra fan over the RAM.

              Interesting to note too that CPU water cooling instead of fan cooling can remove a circulation of air over the nearby RAM sticks, which was there from the CPU fan.

              All RAM sticks should not only be the same type but from the same manufacturer to be safe, then the response times will match.

              Other posts talk about not overclocking the CPU and ensuring you use standard CPU voltages.

              If the CPU temperatures are good, it could of course be a failing Power Supply, they contain lots of electrolytic capacitors most of which are rated at only 1000 hours life, after which they can dry out, unlike motherboard manufacturers rarely do the PSU makers use long life capacitors as the whole unit is relatively cheap and parts cost is important.

              Finally ensure your motherboard bios is up to date by visiting the manufacturer's website and following their instructions.

              Also have a look at this article


              That's my best contribution

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                You may also be interested to read this thread which effectively reinforce Mike's post above.

                Sad to say the problem with local PC techs is that they are not up to speed on Editing PCs and software. The difference between the GP and the Specialist. The David Clarkes of this world are few and far between. I say that as someone who has a great PC guru locally, who has built me a couple of earlier systems E3-4.6/6.5 and my Office PC, sorted out netwoking issues etc... but when I needed a new Dog's Bolls PC a couple of years ago, I turned to Mr Clarke. Never looked back.