3 months ago i done a wedding video, then i delete master footage from hard disk cause it full & i have to do another project ( but i still save project files)

yesterday, my client came again and ask me to re-edit it's wedding video with some his family video added.

the problem is :

when i open it's project file & re-capture master tapes (8 mini DV tapes using Panasonic GS 27 as player) using restore offline clips -> capture all, then on every cuts i found clips offset about 15-20 frames from original cuts, i have try to fix by change value on start timecode on clip properties after capture, but nothing change, not solve the problem

it's very bad if i have to full re-edit 8 hour tapes with hundred cuts, ( mean i have to make new video, huh!, i just want to do minor changes )

can anybody help me, please... (sory, my english very bad)