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    I'm editing with Edius 4.1 - how di I change my file format to mpeg, so I can post the video on Yuo Tube.

    Any advice will be appreciated.
    Pls email reply to my email add: [email protected]

    many thanks.

    Gordon Quinn
    Montreal Canada

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    YouTube will accept just about any form of video. Some form of .mp4 is prefered... Quicktime or WMV willl do, but I think it will also take .avi as long as your file is less than 100mb.

    If your footage is 16:9 change your Project Settings to 4:3 and your output will be automatically Letterboxed.

    Just use Procoder to output to 320x240 .wmv and you'er done!

    BTW... we had a blast in Montreal last year! Your fireworks are amazing!
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