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  • Layout Presets -Hand Held Look

    I posted about this back in 2018, but I thought I'd revisit the idea.
    I tried a few times making some-what randomized keyframes on my own in Layout using 4K footage in a HD project, but was never happy with the results.
    Has anyone made any Layout presets like this... or know of a plugin for Edius that can mimic this?

    I found some presets that someone made for Premiere and they work quite well. We have great stabilizers < I have the New Blue plugin >.
    In my previous post, I had found some AE presets that took it even further with quick short crash zooms, whip pans along with hand held presets.
    The new ones I found were developed for the movie DEADPOOL and some are very subtle , others simulate hand holding a long lens.
        As the editorial consultant on DEADPOOL, I spent 9 months crafting the post production workflow used for the edit and also trained the entire post production team in both Premiere Pro and After Effects. Very early into the cutting, lead editor Julian Clarke asked me if we could add camera shake to certain […]

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    Hi Brian -
    Do you have the new Mercalli Stabilizer? There's a setting on that titled "hand held". I'm not 100% positive it will take a scene that doesn't need stabilization and make it look hand held, but it's worth a try. I think there's a trial download available on Might be worth a try! I think New Blu has something similar in one of their plugins as well.
    Good luck,
    Alan J. Levi

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      Thanks Alan - I'll look at Mercalli Stabilizer. It seems to be a stabilize corrector only, and a very good one.


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        Check out the shake effect in fxhome Ignite. It's free and plugs into Edius.
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          Hey - That might work - THANKS for sharing.