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which program to capture with?

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  • which program to capture with?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask this but at the present time I use
    ScenalyzerLive to capture with.
    But as of late when I play the recorded file back the file at a certain point is ahead several mins.?
    I capture in type 2 avi.
    Viewing while recording everythings fine I have no clue what's happening?!

    So the question is does Edius pro 4 do a good job in capturing?

    I'm recording VHS tapes via ADVC 50.

    Thanks in advanced!

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    I used Scenalyzer for quite a while until I started having a lot of trouble with speeded up audio. I started using the Edius capture about 8 months ago and it has been smooth as butter.


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      SCLive has been flawless for me for a long time...

      You can also use DVCapture (Free from or Edius itself.