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Undo and Redo Problem

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  • Undo and Redo Problem

    Version : Edius 8.53.3262

    When i want to undo some action edius wait 4-6 seconds to go back. Anyone knows about that problem ?

    I have dell precision T7610 computer with 48 gb ram and quadro k4000 graphic card. intel (r) xeon cpu e5-2630 (2 processors). OS : Windows 10 64 bit.

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    Sounds like the problem I had when Quick Sync was disabled. Don't know if XEON processors have this feature.
    Jim Willett
    Dell 3630 Precision workstation
    Nvida 1060 OVC, CPU i7-8700 3.7GH
    Edius 9.4


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      xeon dont have this feature i think

      Thanks for your attention. I search for your advice but, it is about all "export". While you export edius introduce "use hardvare etc...." check box on save window. but i dont have this feature because no have quick sync suppor with xeon.


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        Minimise Edius

        CTRL ALT Del select task manager select performance tab and select open performance monitor at the bottom of the window. Select CPU Tab. Go back to Edius. When trying an undo you can hover your mouse over the icon on the task bar and you should be able to see your CPU Activity.

        If it is 100% during an undo there is your answer.

        If the CPU isn't 100% then it maybe your hard drive speed, again try the same but select your hard drive to monitor.

        A good free resource monitor through which you can add Icons to the task bar to show GPU, CPU, and HDD is Open Hardware Monitor. Check to make it start with Windows and you right click a sensor function to add to task bar. You can change the colour of the Icons by right clicking.

        I have Windows Indexing turned off on all drives as that gobbles up disk drive performance. (Win 10 instructions) Start > This PC, (or my computer) right click on each hard drive in turn select properties and uncheck "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed …" It may take some time if you select files and folders but worth the wait.

        I also found "AVA Find" hogging the Disk resource and I uninstalled it.

        Whilst the PC is idle there should only be the occasional hard drive activity light short flash about once every 2-3 seconds unless it is doing Windows updates in the background (Tuesday is often update day)

        Sys4: Z10PE-D16WS MB 2xE5-2696 Xeon 64 active logical cores. EWG9. 64G RAM. Aorus GTX1080Ti. 55" Q7 1500 NIT HDR 4K TV/Storm 3G Elite/Decklink 4K 12G/8CH audio monitoring, Yamaha RXA-870 A/V. Sys1-3 EWG8 + RX-E1+HDBX1000 MIP in HP xw8600 2 x X5492 CPU 8 cores, 8Gig RAM, Quadro FX3800. All sys Fibre to central media pool - 5TB Axus Yotta RAID + QLogic Fibre Switch. Central VCR rack plus YUV & audio to viewing room with Yamaha AX1 7.1 100 watt per channel amp with 1000W sub 63" HD 3D Samsung TV