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Stabilizing UHD/4K footage

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  • Stabilizing UHD/4K footage

    With Edius 9 Wkgp, I have been using the built in stabilization filter on HD footage with pretty good results most of the time.
    It does not, however, work that well on the UHD/4K clips which I produce with the GH5.

    Therefore, I have bought the new version of proDAD´s Mercalli stabilizer which plugs into Edius. I was at first a bit confused to find 2 Mercalli versions in the effect section: Mercalli RT and Pro.

    During the last week, I´ve tried them both on a lot of UHD clips - and especially the Pro version delivers convincing results on clips which I produced handheld with the double stabilizers of the GH5 switched on. Surprisingly, even the pretty crappy, "staccato" clips I shot - with the GH5 I.S. Lock feature accidentally activated - are somehow transformed into smooth footage. Pans with irregular movement sections are turning out smooth, too.

    The Pro version takes some time to analyze each clip you want do stabilize whereas the included RT version works like a real time filter - albeit not as effective as the Pro feature. It does, however, suffice for clips which have to be stabilized on the go and I guess news editors, VJs, and Vloggers will welcome this addition. All in all, IMO the Mercalli package with its additional filters thrown in, is well worth the investment if you have to stabilize your clips to pretty high standards.

    What I am still missing in all software stabilizers I have used, though, is the effective smoothing out what I call the walking camera. Even footage I shot from the new Weebill S gimbal - which cannot completely compensate especially the up-down movements of walking - is not 100% stabilized. There remains a tiny amount of unwanted movement, barely noticeable but somehow working on the viewer´s perception subliminally. Mind you, these clips are doubly stabilized by the GH5 sensor and optics, additionally stabilized with the gimbal and then smoothed with Mercalli Pro. Though the final version looks really good even on UHD tv screens, there is no discussion about the fact that it only comes close to Hollywwod standards.

    Is there anything I could do to improve the final result of shots taken while walking - apart from buying a big, professional gimbal or invest money in other professional equipment etc.?

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    I used the Mercalli some time ago,bud with Edius 9.5 no more.
    Now I'm using only Edius stabilizer,that recently with the Zhiyun Crane 2 and that looks very good on My UHD TV and even on a 100" projection screen !
    The gimbal takes some learning time to use it the right way.
    When holding it on a +/-45° angle forward and then walking,works pretty good for me,You can't use it that way always bud I like the result !
    Edius 9.5 / X ,Win 10 home
    Asrock Phantom gaming 6,
    CPU Intel I9-9900K
    500 Gb M.2 Samsung SSD 970 Pro plus
    1 TB M2 Samsung SSD 970Pro
    SSD OCZ 256MB
    WD 4TB HDD
    2 Dell monitors UP2716D


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      Hi -
      yeah, I agree, these gimbals take a while to get used to. I guess the Crane 2 delivers better stabilization than the much smaller Weebill S.
      But I have compared the EDIUS stabilizer with the new Mercalli - there is a world of difference between these two. IMO the new proDAD software stabilizes much better in every axis while the rendering time is about the same.
      And often I´m in a hurry and the real-time version gives me a decent instant preview of the results. Personally, I wouldn´t want to go back.
      But of course it all depends on your own requirements - and your budget, too.