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  • Unable to Login to Product Support

    I know this will seem like an off-topic thread but in fact, I see no ther place I can post it. I have been on the phone with Grass Vally Customer support and it was them who suggested me posting about this on the Forums.

    The problem is that I used to have my Canopus/GV products registered on the Canopus website but my login doesn't seem to work anymore and I don't even know how to access that info anymore. Have the databases of registered products been deleted altogether??

    I have throughout the years registered a Edius 2.0 and 3.X as well as an Edius 5.X Education. I have also registered a DV Storm and a Edius NX PCI Express. The problem is that I no longer live in Portugal and I left there the software boxes so, I don't know the serial number... And I wanted to buy now a Edius Pro 9 Upgrade from version 3.X. I now live in the UK and so, I was hoping I had the serial numbers registered at the support website.

    Is there a way to still access such records? Were they migrated to a new website?

    Thanks in advance and feel free to move this topic to a more appropriate area, if needed.
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    be sure to buy the Jump upgrade because a normal upgrade won't work

    just use the forgot password option when you log in and enter your email address and they will email you the forgotten login details, as long as you remember the email you used
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      Thank you for your reply. It's difficult because I don't remember what was the email address used and the system accepts any email I try to input (it doesn't say the email is not registered).

      I tried a few but... I haven't received any emails, not even in the spam folder. I also tried the one I'm using for this forum. What's annoying is that I usually have all my login details on a file but that one isn't there...

      I have some emails exchanged with [email protected], about my login to Does this make any sense?
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      EDIUS Pro 3.5 | Edius NX PCIE | Intel Core i9 9900x Extreme | 32GB DDR4 | Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Ti