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4.54 shortcut problem \ Bug ??

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  • 4.54 shortcut problem \ Bug ??

    please, excuse my "gibberish" english.....

    I can't use the shorcut "go to the beginning of the selected clip "
    It doesn't work
    Only me?
    okay, I give this question a try in my 4.54

    first.....very happy to find this missing feature...... > Move cursor to INpoint of selected clip < and > Move cursor to OUTpoint of selected clip <

    it is not under the default activated shortcuts ... okay I activate it to differnt keys....
    with german layout, with english layout......but not one will work on the timeline......

    please can you test it, and replay your result ????

    if I not alone, ergo not a user-eror more a bug, than I will it move tho the "User-Reported Issues "...

    friendly asked greetings from europe\austria\vienna .... old Hans ;-)
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    Edius 5,51 / Edius 6.08 / Edius 6.54(b) / Neo 3.0 / Neo 3.5

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    copy from

    Originally posted by Marc44 View Post
    Hi Vienna,
    I confirm, it does not work.

    Hello Sachem,
    You do read in shortcut list : "Déplacez le curseur sur le point d'entrée du clip sélectionné" and assignation (for me) is = (equal).
    But , nothing, nada, rien !
    It's a dummy shortcut
    Perhaps fixed in a next version ...

    "sachem" ............Location:Location: PARIS
    "Marc44" ............Location: France- Nantes
    "vienna1944er" ....Location: vienna+25miles

    hmmmm....... I hope it is not a "european" problem .......*g*

    old "vienna-Hans"
    Edius 5,51 / Edius 6.08 / Edius 6.54(b) / Neo 3.0 / Neo 3.5