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    Hi there !

    I've been using Edius (version 3) for about 2 years now and am extremely happy with it - has never let me down and has been rock solid.

    right now I'm looking at purchasing Edius Nx Express and one of the main factors for this decision is the bundled component out/encoder module. I am particularly interested in how quickly it can encode SD mpeg2 as I can't seem to find any encoding timings anywhere.

    Does anywhere have experience with the NX Express and could you give an indication as to how quickly it can encode MPEG2?

    My system is a dual core Intel E6850 with 4GB of RAM, RAID 5

    many thanks,

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    Encoding MPEG2 with the nx is real time....but you'd get better quality with a software encoder such as PC3 on your computer.


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      Originally posted by STORMDAVE View Post
      but you'd get better quality with a software encoder such as PC3 on your computer.

      And possibly faster. Hardware Mpeg encoders not required anymore for SD.
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        thanks for the info, I was suspecting software encoding to be quicker esp if the system has multiple CPU's.

        I was just intrigued with the bundled encoder module and was hoping it could speed up my workflow since I do alot of editing & encoding.

        many thanks,


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          hi all

          i have fire coder card , i can convert my time line to mpeg2 faster than real time .

          time line 1 houre , i convert it to mpeg2 in 45 minute

          timeline 3 houres , i convert it in 2 houres .

          my hard drive is 2,5 tb raid0

          but it is not combatiple with windows vista , i use it in xp only .


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            It depends on the encoding software - whether it can support multiple CPUs and whether it can break up the encoding process into individual threads. Most high end software encoders (to MPEG1/2) are already doing that - Canopus PC3, or Sorenson's Squeeze, for example.

            Nearly all h/w based encoders are single pass - whereas software version can do single or double pass. Double pass quality is much better but, of course, it is slower.

            On a high end workstation (Xeon based, for example) - single pass encoding is faster than real time. Double pass - well, maybe real time, or 1.5X real time.
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