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Workaround for AAF and DAW Samplitude found!

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  • SRsupport
    I was looking in to the difference in EDL between EDIUS and samplitude.

    I have an app which supports vegas and samplitude edl and not AAF.

    When I try to open the EDIUS edl it tels me error in reading EDL and I get nada.


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  • GrassValley_BH
    Does the same procedure work for EDL exported directly from EDIUS, or is too much data lost?

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  • fatcat
    started a topic Workaround for AAF and DAW Samplitude found!

    Workaround for AAF and DAW Samplitude found!


    I got this to work, and just want to share it.You need to have EDL Convert from CuiBono Soft to do this,though...

    Let me just outline the problem:

    Samplitude is a really cool audioplatrorm for post etc., but it doesn´t support AAF which has frustrated many.

    What I´ve been doing is:

    1. Download Sony Vegas demo - it runs for 30 days..
    2. Import your Edius AAF into Vegas
    3. Export your imported Vegasproject to a Vegas EDL (txt) file
    4. Import the txt into Edl Convert
    5. Save This as your Samplitude EDL

    And you´re up and running....

    I tried this multiple times now, and it works...


    Erik Hoirup