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Cannot open clip "reached end of the file"

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  • Cannot open clip "reached end of the file"

    Hey guys, so I'm getting the error "cannot open the project file
    reached the end of the file

    the file is on my D drive so I'm not sure why it won't open

    I tried following these instructions
    Clips are off-line in EDIUS project when loading project on another client | EDIUS means more formats and more resolutions in real-time for the ability to Edit Anything, Fast. EDIUS is the 4K HDR perfect finishing tool for professional productions, including documentary and theatrical productions.

    however when I go to the file menu,
    "Restore Offline Clip" is greyed out

    any help appreciated thanks

    the project is still on my D drive but won't open and I don't know why.. don't want to lose the last 2 hours work if i don't have to
    thank you

    when I try double clicking on the project in my D folder I still get the same error
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    The fact that you don't know the difference between a project file and a clip is frightening. The fact you don't know how to search this forum is annoying.

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      if the project file don't open, try one from 3min earlier, if that fails, try one from 6min earlier, if that fails, try one from 9min earlier...........................

      they can be found in the AutoSave folder
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