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Is Edius 6 compatible with Windows 10?

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  • Is Edius 6 compatible with Windows 10?

    Just got Edius 9 on a new Windows 10 computer, but I'll need to open old projects from E6 every once in while. I know I can open E6 projects on E9, but I used a lot of Quicktime Animation alpha graphics in my old projects that no longer work with E9. But I would also like to update old computer to Windows 10 as long as I know E6 will still work on it.

    TL;DR I need to know if updating the old computer to Windows 10 will prevent me from still using Edius 6 on it.

    Also, if I don't update to Windows 10, will it be safe to open projects in E9 in Windows 10 and then the Windows 7 computer? Or will that ruin the project by opening it on an earlier OS?

    Thank you!

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    QuickTime annimations and alpha channel graphics work in EDIUS 9.

    Of course thirdparty titels or filters would require the 64 bit versions.
    A way to have an extra assurance is to export your annimations to a HQX with alpha. This way you can open the old project preferably a duplicate in EDIUS 9 and you have them in a video file.

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      I believe I moved to Windows 10 mid 2015 when they were releasing the free trials.

      I had some initial problems with audio drivers and things but don't forget you can run programs as 'Run As Compatible for Windows 7" if you need to.
      from memory I had to run the compatability mode as administration but it worked

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        I've got Edius v6.5 working fine on Win 10 32 bit system. Note 32 bit not 64 bit system.
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          You may need to install Quicktime for Windows and activate it in the settings in EDIUS to get your QT footage working.
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