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Does Edius Pro V4.54 support 5.1chs AC3 ?

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  • Does Edius Pro V4.54 support 5.1chs AC3 ?

    I have clips recorded with audio in Dolby 5.1chs AC3. How can I export the final edited video with the original 5.1chs AC3 audio please ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    There is a thread somewhere on here from KH that addresses this. Try a search in his posts and see if it come up.


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      The short answer is, you can't. EDIUS will want to reencode any audio it sees, rather than export with an unaltered, direct stream copy of the original AC-3 audio.

      Since EDIUS Pro features no support of 8-channel audio project presets, your best option is to export the video on the timeline with no audio, and then add (multiplex) the original audio outside of EDIUS.


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        If the footage is edited it will be hard doing the sync because as far as I know ac3 does not carry timecode. (I could be wrong)

        If the footage is just brought in for cc or titles and unchanged it will work smooth.

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          It certainly does carry timestamps as you can see in any professional authoring package. But editing AC3 is so unprofessional, there's no reason to do it unless you are ripping movies or you have a 5.1 AC3 camcorder. The later is marketing an inferior feature at it's best and it's best to just convert it to 2 ch PCM as soon as possible.
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            AC3 (Dolby Digital) is a distribution format.

            Recompressing the AC3 file into a new one will yield a worser quality audio than the original. It's similar to recompressing an MP3 file.


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              Thank you everybody for your reply.

              My camcorder is the Panasonic SD3 which can record sound in Dolby 5.1 ch AC3.

              I can't find a project setting that can select audio of 5.1 ch. So the final video exported is only in stereo. But some playback software such as PowerDVD can playback Dolby 5.1 Ac3. I therefore wanted the export video to be in 5.1 AC3.

              Since the current version of Edius Pro doesn't support Dolby 5.1 AC3, I sincerely hope Canopus can add that in their future upgrade.

              Best Regards


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                Why don't you just set your Panasonic camera to record in PCM 48Khz 16bits? Then you can edit the video and audio using EDIUS ... a single microphone on a camera recording 5:1 is simply a waste of time. You aren't not going to hear any difference between that and standard stereo.
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                  Thank you TingSern for your advice. You are quite right that the 5 mics are so close together that there is in fact no 5.1 ch effect.

                  Best Regards