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Edius Dvd is frustating......

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    Ahhh, not a function I use. Tried it, and you are correct. Even after manually changing the thumbnails they were incorrect after writing out the DVD.
    System 1 - SP with Edius Broadcast 4.54 , 2x DUAL 2.66 Xeon CPU's, Tyan 2696, 2gig RAM, Sapphire 1950PRO 2

    System 2 - RT2 MAX with Edius Pro 4.54, 2x Xeon 2.4ghz CPU's, 512meg RAM, Compaq


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      Originally posted by antonsvideo View Post
      I have tested this in Pal and can't repeat the problem

      some things to consider:
      1. in order to get close enough chapter points, the project must start from the leftmost point of the timeline
      2. in NTSC, there maybe DF versus NDF issues?
      Anton, we can rule out #1 since the projects I've tried meet that criteria. It does look like an NTSC vs PAL issue.


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        OK he said sheepishly, Creator IS putting the chapter points in fairly accurate's the thumbnails that are all over the place! But yes, it's a relatively simple thing to readjust that.