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STORM 2 + QUAD CORE +EDIUS 4 Consistent

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  • STORM 2 + QUAD CORE +EDIUS 4 Consistent

    Hello I have a dvstotm 2 and edius pro, wanted to know if I upgrade the computer with PB intel S775 Asus P5K3 DELUXE WIFI DDR3, INTEL CORE 2 QUAD 6600 2.4 and GF8600, worked the storm and edius 4. Pro or broadcast.
    It is enough for editing xdcam hd, as well as xdcam hd EX1 or need XEON,
    Utilizaria Storm just to watch TV in SD, HD XDCAM original project, prior STORM 2 SD downconverter
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    If this is the one you mean, then it will probably work fine. The FSB spec. seems kind of average for current models, but it will work. Lots of PCI slots, kind of surprising.

    XD Cam won't fly with the aging Storm though. You may need NX sooner than you think.
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      The problem is that this motherboard P5K3 DELUXE WIFI DDR3 not see a listing of support edius-dvstorm (DVX), which specifies that it is compatible Asus P5K Deluxe / WiFi-AP (tested), I offer p5K-E WIFI - AP (which also appears on the list of support), what I have to put that storm 2 and edius work,
      Quad core6600 2.4 or Dual Core E6850 for XDCAM HD to SD downconverter with previous Storm.