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New Vga Card with Edius 9.31 workgroup

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  • New Vga Card with Edius 9.31 workgroup


    I will install a new Vga Card GTX 1060 replacing the old GTX 460

    Do I need to deactivate the license of Edius before installing the Card?
    Computer Details
    Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X
    Core i7 10700K @3.8GHz (8 Cores 16 Threads)
    32GB DDR4 (2*16Gb@2666 Mhz Corsair)
    1*500 GB NVME EVO 970 plus(O.S and programs)
    2*1TB SSD Samsung EVO 870 Raid 0 for Editing
    1 Sata Dvd-R
    Nvidia GTX 1060 OC 6GB Ram 192Bit
    2 LG IPS235v-BN Led 23"
    Windows 10 Professional x64
    Intensity Pro
    Edius Workgroup 9.55.7761

    Once you go Mac you may come back!!
    Once you use FCP, you always need to render
    Thats why i switch to Edius !!!

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    Have change cards in the past without de-activating so I would suggest the answer is no.
    If you have a valuable commercial project in progress maybe just take a system image prior to changing card as a way of insurance.
    Sys1: Gigabyte Z370 HD3 i7 8086K(4.3Ghz), 16Gb ram, 256Gb SSD system + 2x2Tb Graphics: nVidia 1060, (W10 Pro) BM IP4K, E8v3 WG; Vegas Pro19; Davinci Resolve18_Studio, GH2(hacked), Pana HC-X2000E, GoPro5
    Sys2 :Clevo i7 6700K 2.5Ghz,16Gb ram 2565Gb SSD + 1Tb, (W10 Pro), Software: E8v3 WG; Vegas Pro19,Davinci Resolve18_Studio


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      I have done the same without any issue. Did not touch at EDius.
      Yvon durieux alias "Haddock" Belgium GMT + 2

      Sorry for my poor english, I am french native speaking

      Main System: Azus Z87 Pro, [email protected], 16gb ram, Nvidia GeForce GT 630, Windows 7 Pro 64, Samsung 840 pro, Edius 8.53.2808 WG and 9.54.6706 + NXexpress or HDspark, 2T separate video SSD.


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        Just had to change my card. No issues and no need to do anything with Edius. Just load new drivers for card after installing.
        My System: Edius Workgroup 9.51 & 10.0, Intel I9-9900K 3.60GHz Liquid Cooling, MSI Z390-A PRO MB, 32-GB Mem, GeForce GTX 1660 6GB GPU, BM Intensity Pro 4K Card, Win 10 Pro