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  • Laptop for Edius 4.5

    Hi everyone, I am new to the board. I am looking for a desktop replacement laptop (PC not Mac) to edit with Edius 4.5 and have a few questions:

    1. Can you edit HDV on a laptop in real time?
    2. Should I use an external raid 0 drive for the video files?
    3. What are the system requirements you would recommend for realtime editing of 3 video tracks.
    4. Some companies like Dell, Alienware, Sager offer the higher end Intel chips for their laptops. Will I have a problem with the laptop heating up and shutting down if I go for the fastest chip they offer?
    5. Does Edius rely on the video card at all? Is this an area I should upgrade in the laptop?
    6. Is there a specific laptop brand you like?

    This laptop will be dedicated to editing so it will not be connected to the internet or have anything else I don't need loaded onto it. I currently shoot weddings in DV and will soon switch to HDV. It is easy to get into the $5000 range when you start building these laptops. Do I have to spend this type of $$?


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    Hi Scott,

    In general,

    1) Yes,
    2) Yes,
    3) High end core 2 duo + 2GB RAM + Raid drive (get a eSATA enabled port)
    4) I doubt it.
    5) Not much
    6) SONY Vaio, HP

    Spend what you can afford, the more CPU the better.
    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, RTX 3080, 64GB RAM, EDIUS X WG.


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      i like the dells. have been editing on one for 2 years now. i cant see spending anywhere near 5k for a laptop much less a desktop.


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        I am not aware of laptops that comes with eSata port builtin. You might have to use an eSATA expresscard to get that functionality.

        Maybe the Asus G series comes with eSata port ... I have not taken a hunt for it lately.
        Edius 10 WG, Lenovo P72 workstation laptop, 64GB RAM, Xeon CPU, Windows 11 Pro (64 bits), 2 x 2TB Samsung M2.NVME and 1 x 4TB Samsung SSD internal. Panasonic UX180 camera, Blackmagic 4K Pocket Cinema


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          The chosen word there was (enabled). Sorry for the confusion, you do need both the slot and expresscard.
          AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, RTX 3080, 64GB RAM, EDIUS X WG.


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            I have seen some laptop brands with buldin Esata.
            Edit station1: i7 6700K 4 ghz, 32gb ram, Edius 9 Workgroup, Davinci Resolve studio 16, 8GB GPU & Intensity Pro 4K
            2: 17" Laptop i7 w: Edius 9 Workgroup
            3: HPxw8600 dual 3ghz Xeon, STORM 3G, , Edius 7, 32 GB ram.
            4: Edius 7, Supermicro x7da8 dual 3ghz Xeon.
            Audio: Protools & Nuendo, M-Audio and Presonus interfaces, control surfaces and preamps, dual 3ghz Xeon. 16gb Ram.
            Studio monitoring: Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro mixer and Mackie HR824 Spk. Panasonic surround system.
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              I've got an Asus c90s with a 2.66 desktop processor, and it handles Canopus HQ fine, up to 3 layers of video without trouble. The only problem is that it sometimes overheats and turns off when encoding in Procoder, but we are working on a way of keeping it cooler.
              Desktop: Intel Vernonia-R Server Board, dual Xeon 5420 2.5Ghz (8 cores), Vista Ultimate 64 Bit, 12 GB RAM, NVidia 9800Gt 512MB graphics, 320 GB system drive, 2x1TB Seagate editing drives (not in RAID), 30 inch HP monitor.

              Laptop: Toshiba Portege R700 2.66 Ghz cpu, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive