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Happy new year all !!!

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  • Happy new year all !!!

    .... To a completely Happy, totally Healthy and gigantically Prosperous New Year to all of you.
    Bless each and every one.
    And to all, a good night!
    Alan J. Levi

    SYSTEM:AsRock Z490 Taichi MB, Intel i9-10850K CPU, 64 Gig Trident 3600 RAM, Corsair HX1000W PS, nVidia RTX 3070 Video, Corsair h115i Water CPU cooler, Asus BW16-B1HT BluRay DVD, Samsung 512GB SSD boot in Swapable Tray, 2 1TB Samsung SSD video files RAID 1, 4.5TB RAID 1 Outboard backups, Behringer 2000 Audio Fader/Controller, LG 27" 4K Monitor, 2 Asus 1080 monitors.

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    And the very best to you and your family also Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i pawb
    Sorry i didnt have time to call in !
    System Asus WS Z390 Pro MB, CPU i9 9900K, 32gb 3000mhz Ram, EVGA GTX1070TI, BM IP4K Win 10, BD Burner 1 Evo 840 and 4 Hotswap caddies
    Plugins Vistitle 2.8, TP7, NB TFX5
    Monitors Samsung 32 inch tv as main 1 LG M2350D,1 D2343 1 DM2350D as output to (3D) IP4K, PXW X70,Canon FX400


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      Happy New Year from the New York Catskills to all around the EDIUS world.
      Documentaries and Art Projects
      Hudson Valley, NY

      i7 8700K @ 3.70 Ghz/16 gb RAM
      windows 10
      284 gb SSD boot drive
      2 TB work disc
      2TB storage disc
      EDIUS 9.52.6031
      Many external project hard drives


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        Happy new year to you too Alan and I hope your wife is recovering well. Let's hope that 2019 is a splint free one for both our wives.


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          From Australia, where it is already 2019, happy New Year to you all.
          Intel (R) Core i7-770 CPU 3.6ghz
          Ram -32gig, 64 bit Windows 10 Pro
          GeForceGTX 1050 T


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            Originally posted by Pete
            From Australia, where it is already 2019, happy New Year to you all.
            the projection on the Harbour Bridge read 2018
            An estimated 1 million revellers who rang in the new year around Sydney's famous harbour could have been forgiven for winding their clocks back, after a giant projection told them it was still 2018.
            Anton Strauss
            Antons Video Productions - Sydney

            EDIUS X WG with BM Mini Monitor 4k and BM Mini Recorder, Gigabyte X299 UD4 Pro, Intel Core i9 9960X 16 Core, 32 Threads @ 4.3Ghz, Corsair Water Cooling, Gigabyte RTX-2070 Super 3X 8GB Video Card, Samsung 860 Pro 512GB SSD for System, 8TB Samsung Raid0 SSD for Video, 2 Pioneer BDR-209 Blu-ray/DVD burners, Hotswap Bay for 3.5" Sata and 2.5" SSD, Phanteks Enthoo Pro XL Tower, Corsair 32GB DDR4 Ram, Win10 Pro


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              Originally posted by antonsvideo
              the projection on the Harbour Bridge read 2018
              Love it, that's as funny as the Moronic DJ, at a Hotel New Years Eve Dinner and Dance, we went to a few years back, who at midnight shouted 5-4-3-2-1 HAPPY CHRISTMAS.


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                It's ground hog year. We have to keep reliving it until we get it right.

                Happy New Year everyone.
                EDIUS silver certified trainer.
                Main edit laptop: DVC Kaby Lake desktop processor laptop, 32GB RAM, 3.5Ghz i5 desktop processor, nVidia 1060, Windows 10.
                Desktop: 4Ghz 9900K processor, 32GB RAM, nVidia 1660TI GPU, Windows 10.
                Desktop: 2Ghz 12 core Xeon processor, 32GB RAM, nVidia 1060, BM Intensity Pro, Windows 10