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How do preview channels 3 & 4?

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  • How do preview channels 3 & 4?

    My question is when I shoot four channels of audio on my panny p2 camera (500), how do I preview channels 3 & 4 and not 1 & 2? For example, say I have a clip in my bin that has four channels of recorded audio. I double click to bring the clip up in my preview window. When I hit the space bar to play, I am only able to hear (and see audio levels) for channels 1 & 2. I know that I can pull the clip down into the timeline, but that eliminates the ability to see timecode and is a huge waist of my time (I am in news). I just want to be able to switch which audio channels I am previewing. This problem has nothing to do with channel mapping, simply being able to monitor channel 3 & 4 in the preview window before the clip is edited to the timeline. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or solutions.


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    I think that you are not well informed:
    When a clip is on the timeline EDIUS reads timecode, recoding time and date.
    Timecode is always read in the ctr + g display.

    I think you should visit settings application settings customize overlay and tell edius what you want to see.

    Anyway on your 4 channel audio
    map the audio to track A1 to A4

    In an ohci system go to sequence settings (rightclick on the sequence tap and tell Edius to map the audio of 3 and 4 to 1 and 2 so you can hear it trough the speaker)

    Be sure to use correct channel mapping for for export if you need dedicated 4 channel export.

    ( on a canopus HD system there is no need to do the map to 1 and 2 to hear as you can monitor 8 channels)
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      Mr. SRSupport,

      Let´s forget about the timecode thing for a while and focus on the audio preview, ok?

      I'm also trying to figure out if there is a way to preview channels 3 and 4 on the PREVIEW WINDOW in EDIUS. I understood the track mapping on the timeline and the channel mapping on the sequence settings that you mentioned. As I use an Edius HD workstation (actually I have 13 of them) with HDBX1000, there's also the Audio Monitor Output Map on the breakout box. But all this configurations affect only the clips placed on the TIMELINE.
      What I (and Mr. Tyler) need is to be able to hear the channels 3 and 4 when I preview a clip on the PREVIEW WINDOW. When you load a clip from BIN to PREVIEW and hit play you only HEAR channels 1 and 2, EVEN with the channels 3 and 4 routed to 1 and 2.
      I think this is more about EDIUS being able to play ALL (or choose beetwen 1/2 and 3/4) channels in the PREVIEW window.

      Do you have any suggestion, except placing the clip on the timeline?????

      Thanks a lot!

      Gabriel Dagostini


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        Correct me if I am wrong, but if playing from the preview window, don't you then have to manually press the appropriate button on the front of the HDBX1000?

        Also, which project preset are you using with RX-E1?


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          I shoot with an HVX200. If I want to preview audio from channels 3 & 4 i right click the media in the bin, choose properties, then audio info and select channels 3 & 4.

          Alternatively you can use the Panasonic P2 viewer and select which audio you want to preview in that.

          Hope that helps.
          Joe Shaw
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            I asked the support in Germany and they told me there is no support in the software for 4/8channels audio in the HDBX1000!


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              I think the way to go is the one Mr. jshaw300 mentioned. I realized this solution right after my post. The only problem is when you need to do this with dozens of clips (that's my case..hehe).