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  • Add edits from XML import

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone has a trick for adding edits to a rendered program clip so that I can apply color corrections? I have a program mixdown, and I have an FCP XML of that cut that comprises 560 odd edits.
    Of course I can just go through the timeline adding cuts at each dummy edit (from the XML import), but I wondered if I could trick Edius into adding the edits for me.

    I can setup a fake multicam with the original XML edit and the flat program clip. This assigns Multicam cut points as markers but doesn't force the flat clip to conform the edits :( And I cannot export these markers either.

    Another thought was to apply the edits to a nested sequence and insert the flat clip in the source seq, but I'm just shifting the edit copy problem to another sequence. I cannot force Edius to interpret the XML as a nested sequence. And the XML comes in with all of the source media names so I cannot trick it into applying the cuts to the flat clip...

    Is there any way to copy edit points between sequences? Or does it have to be manual labor?
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