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Edius 9 Pro timeline player stutter

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  • Edius 9 Pro timeline player stutter

    Sorry if I am creating a repetitive thread, so if someone points out to a thread I would appreciate it. What I found does not relate to my issue.

    During HD if I add a fade transition the player stutters. in 4K it is even worse. Cannot edit in two camera multicam stuttering is extreme.

    I remember in the older versions I got over this by reducing the player resolution. I cannot find this feature anymore. Can anyone tell from where I can reduce resolution? Or is there any other way around this.

    I saw using proxy can help but never used proxy. Also saw some complex workarounds convert the footage to HQX but this is time-consuming.

    Any help is appreciated
    Panasonic AG-160 and GH5 - PC system Windows 10 DELL XPS 16GB RAM i7 Processor

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    I assume you used to have EDIUS Workgroup8 and upgraded to EDIUS Pro 9. The resolution drop down is a feature of EDIUS Workgroup so it is not in Pro 9.

    As for proxy mode if you look at my video about the changes to proxy mode in EDIUS 8.3 you can see how it works. The video says it is about the changes but it does explain how to use it:
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      Great Thanks

      Thanks David.

      So the resolution drop-down is in workgroup 9 too?

      Should I upgrade for just this feature or better off with Proxy. Having said that proxy takes a while to generate the files.
      Panasonic AG-160 and GH5 - PC system Windows 10 DELL XPS 16GB RAM i7 Processor