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Firecoder plugin for Premiere Pro 2.0

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  • Firecoder plugin for Premiere Pro 2.0

    Before posting, I searched for the products in GrassValley and found that Firecoder is listed as products so I assume that this thread must be valid.

    I am interested to know on how to get the plugin for Premiere Pro 2.0 using the firecoder. So far, the included plugin is only for Premiere Pro 1.5.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    As well as i know,all the canopus products only supply the plugin for Premiere Pro 1.5.Maybe you can use the EDIUS 4 to edit.


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      As said above, FireCoder will work with EDIUS v4.

      There is no official support for v2 or v3 of Premiere Pro. That said, I'm wondering if you can just manually copy the .PRM plug-in file into the Premiere Pro plug-ins folder..


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        Do Canopus plug-ins work with PremierePro 1.51?
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          yes they do
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            Thank you for your replies. One thing I would like to know of - does Grass Valley still support Firecoder future releases or improvements? Or it is now an END-OF-LIFE product (no more future enhancements)?


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              FireCoder is technically also part of the EDIUS NX Express package (same tech is on the new PCIe daughterboard), so it's certainly not EOL. It is, however, unlikely to officially support newer versions of Premiere Pro.


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                Hi Kenneally Harder, I hope you can relay to Grass Valley management that there are some market still for Firecoder-Premiere Pro combination. Actually, I am using Firecoder as an evaluation on its capability to be used later in our church media group. One definite advantage of Firecoder in this part of the world is its price. However, most of the people in my area are using Premiere Pro so that future support on Premiere pro 2.0 would boost the Firecoder acceptance here. Again, thanks for the reply.