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Burn to disc on Edius 9.3

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  • Burn to disc on Edius 9.3

    Concerning "Burn to disc" from a project I have two mpg files togheter 6.3 GB so I select in the "burn to disc" window Media DVD-R DL(8.5 GB).On the "movie" tab video VBR Average 8,7 Mbps and max 9 Mbps-Audio:Dolby digital AC3.This would normaly create a 6.5 GB DL disc,duration 1:34:48 dvd disc.But after tapping "create disc"it creates NOT a DL disc but a single layer disc about 3,5 GB with of course mutch lower bitrate of 4.97 Mbps(in stead of 8,7 Mbps I asked for). BUG in the software? Regards, Joris
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    hello to Belgium from Austria / Vienna

    on a first test I can not confirm your problem ..

    Timeline in/out = 1h:34.48;00
    Project = FHD 50p
    Setting = VBR 8,7 / 9,0 and DL 8,5GB-Disk
    Edius prognosis (imho with safety reserve) = 6,5 GB

    render to Disk Image direct from FHD project
    (imho bad method for novice/beginner... without the chance for resampling with Lanczos)

    Result = DVD_image folder with 5,2 GB
    so is imho the " safety reserve" with 1,3 GB (6,5GB valued to real 5,2GB) not very elegant and convincing
    but not the "bug" as you tells with ...single layer disc about 3,5 GB

    please give me more info, Projectsettings etc... for the next test ... to realize = what is different with you

    please, look at the Attachement ...
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