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    I do appreciate the new format for Quick Edit Title (.etl2). The default remains the basic .etl… Is it possible to make the default to .etl2 as long as we use it and eventually come back to the basic if we want to regress ? The new format is really useful when porting the project to a different platform !

    Many Thanks...

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    if you install EDIUS 8.51 the default title extension will be etl2

    any version after that will be back to etl extension as etl2 caused too many issues when users were opening old projects with etl titles

    if the PC that creates an etl title has 100% desktop scaling and the destination PC has also got 100% desktop scaling, there won't be an issue, title will have same size and position

    however, if creation PC is set to 100% and destination PC is maybe set to 250% due to 4k screen, the title will be totally destroyed and will need to be reopened, sized and positioned

    this can be avoided by using the etl2 format, but then it causes an even bigger issue when a 250% scaling user opens an old project that had etl format titles

    it is possibly best if the source PC and destination PC have Vistitle, than desktop scaling has no impact whatsoever
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