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Edius 9.30: Trim control Windows with double click removed

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  • Jerry
    All you have to do is remember a few shortcut keys. This is by far easier than using trim mode.

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  • antonsvideo
    Originally posted by GrassValley_PS View Post
    You can do all of the functions directly on the timeline.

    yes, and many times faster, here are a few basic things to look at

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  • GrassValley_PS
    I labored very hard and very long to have that function removed. It will not be added back. Clicking f6 is no inconvience. IMHO, trim mode is pretty obsolete. You can do all of the functions directly on the timeline. Why go to a different mode?

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  • maxmi
    Thanks Steve for the kind explanation,
    I would like to add:
    it would be nice at least to have the possibility of inserting a Timeline windows operation Trim button that now does not exist, without having to go every time with the keyboard.
    I hope in the next version of edius ... Very Thanks.

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  • GrassValley_SL
    This action was indeed changed a few versions back as we had a lot and believe me a lot of requests to remove this.

    The reason is that the majority of EDIUS editors find that all actions can be done on the timeline without ever needing to go in to trim mode.
    If you need trim mode please press the F6 key on your keyboard.

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  • Edius 9.30: Trim control Windows with double click removed

    Hi guys,
    in previous edius versions, the trim control window opened with a simple double click of the mouse on the timeline clip. Very fast function and very practical. Now, (edius 9) this function has been removed, (in my system it does not work).
    Double clicking on the mouse on the small yellow trim bar in the timeline clip, has no effect and the trim control window opens only with F6 key.
    It is not even possible to insert a Timeline windows operation button.
    I use the trim control window a lot and the lack of opening window control trim with double clicking is a big lack. Grass Valley, why did you remove this confortable feature? Now it's more complicated ...
    Someone of you, know a solution to activate this double click or activate an operation button to open the trim control window quickly?

    Thank you for your kind attention and congratulations for the professional answers and great help that I read in this forum.