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Edius 9.30.3920

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  • Edius 9.30.3920

    so many promises, a lot of noise, so many expectations and they ...... launch Edius 9.30.3920......... a bluff.

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    Too bad, still no audio sync build in.


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      The programmers instead of wasting time coloring the sequence markers could put at least something they had promised ....... maybe they like to play and stay in the Paleolithic and do not care about the needs of those who actually use it. before it was publicly praised today we find it to compare it and to compare it with software that do everything to be innovative and more 'inexpensive ........ Too bad another dream went up in smoke.
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        This update is a bit of a joke really - All smoke n mirrors and nothing of real world usefulness.

        Something doesn't seem right here - have they got staffing issues maybe?

        If GV are not careful they will get left in the long grass as other NLE's are offering more for less and their updates offer real improvements.

        I hope GV are listening to its user base!


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          there is also a long list of bug fixes and other improvments
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            Originally posted by franceschilla5 View Post
            The programmers instead of wasting time coloring the sequence markers
            Ever used Edius in a live environment? Obviously not because then you would know that coloured markers are really helpful.

            Also using different colours for tagging persons, places etc makes cutting life easier.


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              Looking back to previous versions, with Edius it is beter to wait to uptade *.52 or *.53 to have a mature version... It was the case with 4, 5 (5.51) 6.5 (after 6)...
              By chance I am in 8.5* wich seems very stable.

              Observing evolution of software and forum is very instructive
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                Maybe the concept has not arrived .... colored markers are welcome, but the real shortcomings to keep up with other NLEs are different. Maybe you do not know that more than 3 years ago with the Edius version 8 GV advertised the rendering in the background then for technical reasons and time they do not insert it (at least so they told me). Now it's a year since release 9 and we're still waiting. At such an important event we can not get there with four nonsense and some bug updates.


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                  While we understand that you don't see anything you need in this update we think that there no need to continue this thread.

                  If other software does all you need maybe you should stop aggravating yourself and use what does the Job at this time.

                  There will be more updates for EDIUS 9 which will bring more features and bug fixes.

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