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Does AceDVio come in PCIe?

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  • Does AceDVio come in PCIe?

    I'm a film composer looking for another video card to put into my new Mac Pro. Does the AceDVio card come in PCIe or only the older PCIx?

    My needs are modest. All I need is video output to a TV monitor, but I can't use the ADVC products because of the latency in firewire boxes. Will the AceDVio fit in my machine, and if not can anybody recommend a good card that fits PCIe and can handle all forms of video including all quicktime formats?

    Thanks so much.

    - Jezza

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    It comes with all of them.

    By the way, your Mac Pro only has PCIe slots, 3 extra ones to be precise (4 total, not counting the graphics card in use). So check out NX Express, great card if you plan to use Edius!

    So if you put in an NXExpress with the component card, you will have 1 PCIe slot left. Maybe use that for storage, etc.


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      ACEDVio is only available in a PCI form factor.

      If you go with an EDIUS solution as mentioned in Stormdave's reply, you'll need to be aware that EDIUS requires Windows XP (and hence, a dual boot setup).


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        Maybe I didn't explain myself correctly, I meant that NX also has that feature, as it will turn also act as a ADVC device if you enable it.