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    Hello, does anyone knows how can i perform a track matte effect in edius like in adobe premier

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    Originally posted by Agrapas
    Hello, does anyone knows how can i perform a track matte effect in edius like in adobe premier
    If you mean as in using a track matte in conjunction with a mask to create a hole in for example a motion background to reveal video on a lower track then yes.. (with the Alpha Custom Map transition), otherwise.. what do you want to do?

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      I mean video1 playing inside a text layer and video2 playing on the background


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        It isn't as eloquent as you can do it in Premiere but this works....make your title over video 1 on the timeline, then in the bin select(highlight) both the title and the clip and rt click and select "convert" and you will se the option for alphamat(you can change the key source etc there) and that is how you make the title with video 1 inside and alpha that over video 2.


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          Or :
          Video in the text
          Text top ( create text full blue or green)
          Video buttom

          Chroma key text color
          Sequence in out (if you want add to bin)

          Use that sequece with a lumakey on any background you want.

          Result ( done quick without tweaking):
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            Definitly we need a simple alphamatte betwen two channels.
            If i can see the preview making the convert from the bin...

            I have some animattes video packs and i need:
            1 secuence + 2 lumakeys to make it work.
            Advances Alpha Map have the same problem to me,
            not appear like a filter, and cant select another track like source.
            Is not a very hard setup for a simple matte?