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  • Video track 1 Scroll Bar

    Edius v4.54
    Is it just me?
    Does anybody know if the individual scroll bar for the timeline video track 1 is a feature I can turn off?
    I've looked in the places obvious to me.
    On my timeline all the audio tracks are governed by one scroll bar. All the video tracks from track 2 and up are governed by one scroll bar so why is video track 1 given it's own scroll bar and adjusting the height of this track is at the expense of the Audio tracks and not the other video tracks on the timeline?


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    Kinda crazy, I know. But it is what is.

    I'd rather have smaller tracks than those silly scroll bars any day.
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      I've asked repeatedly for a luck so far..


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        Thanks guys.
        Relieved to hear it's not just me.
        Can I ask for a Switch too?
        I'm sure it's not too much of a problem when working with multiple, large displays but I make daily dive tourist movies on a boat so I only have a laptop display (and not much time!) and those scroll bars and height adjustments are fiddly.