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exporting to mov with 4 tracks

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  • exporting to mov with 4 tracks

    hi guys,

    this may sound silly but i just get more confusion. may i know what setup i need to do for the following output;

    a) export to mov
    b) track 1 & 2 (1st lang)
    c) track 3 & 4 (2nd lang)

    all helps are appreciated!


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    You can export MOV files in Edius with 4 channels audio embedded, but you can't export tracks.
    If you have to do deal with such files on a regular base, I recommend you to buy Telestream Switch.
    Switch can do what you want.
    Workflow is: export the files with 4 channels of audio (not HQ/HQX, the codec is totally unknown in Switch).
    Then load it to Switch and reorganize the audio channels to tracks ans apply the language flag.

    Andreas Gumm
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