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Any Volunteers for "Disk Too Slow" Testing?

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    Originally posted by tuyle View Post
    I think the external drives caused the "Disk Too Slow". Lately I removed (unplug the cables to computer) all external drives (USB and/or eSata). I captured ... 4 projects (8 124min tapes) without any error.

    I'm capturing to an 800gb raid drive internal - I even totally cleaned it out and had nothing on it - with no external drives turned on and it happens to me.
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      I have been trying to get this error for some time now
      I tested analog and dv to one HD (non raid) did this on two desktop and a laptop, i normaly use raid on my systems, this was just for testing.
      Tested on single hd, external and internal sata. capturing 2oh 30min from vhs and dv.
      I used Edius 4,54, Edius sp on one system and ohci card on other system and laptop for this.
      Did not get this error.

      I did get this error fiew times when i was using Edius 4.x with RexRT som time a go.

      my best
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        I have a feeling that it has to do with motherboards on-board-RAID-controller and new overlay (started at ver.4.5)
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          try this way

          this massage comes to me always so you have followthis options

          1 restar your computer and convertor
          2 try to use the other hard insted of the past
          3 try to do this many time then you will pass


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            I was reading a bit about some of these new HD called Green drives ect, if you or anyone is using these drives they say that they are rated between 5200 rpm and 7200 rpm, I don't know how true this is but I run an Adaptec 5805 raid card and they do not recommend these types of drives. Anyway it is just a thought.

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              My secondary system is running with 4 of those GREEN WD 1Tb drives, and have not encountered the "Disk to slow message" yet.

              That the drive speed is "variable" is new to me, does this also happen when you have changed all of windows xp power scheme to OFF, meaning no power saving on whatsoever at all, and HDD spin full speed, all the time ?


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                Originally posted by tuyle View Post
                I think the external drives caused the "Disk Too Slow". Lately I removed (unplug the cables to computer) all external drives (USB and/or eSata). I captured ... 4 projects (8 124min tapes) without any error.
                That's strange... listen to this.

                All my drives are Seagate (external & built in). I captured three tapes totalling 11 hours to external drive in cooler master enclosure, with one "disc too slow error". Then I captured a different tape, 1 hour and 15 minutes in length, to my internal Raid drive. I had 2 "disc too slow errors" and a couple of fragmented files. I then captured the same tape again to my external drive in a Macally enclosure, with no errors.

                I guess what works for you, doesn't work for me and vice versa.

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                  Unplugging USB devices .......... Come to think of it, it often does stop capturing when even a USB pendrive is added or removed when not using the safe removal.

                  A while ago I have downgraded my IEEE1394 drivers from SP3 back to SP1, not sure if this is / can be related to the disc too slow error, but now looking back at both my systems, it never happens anymore (it did, not frequently, but it did on my main system)

                  The down grade of drivers was audio related (multi channel HD) as since SP2 & SP3 for some reason Microsoft had capped the transfer rate to 100 Mbps, now it's back at 400/800.

                  Most likely this has nothing to do with the disc too slow error, but as GV / Canopus engineers have yet to find the cause I thought to mention it, as it can never be wrong to look in unexpected places ..............


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                    Disk too slow error

                    I have hads the same error report. Difference for me is it only started happening after I upgraded to Edius 4.6. I can't downgrade as I only have the one machine and don't have the time.

                    I have run a BBellarc check at the request of support who have also kindly submitted my report for analysis.

                    I'll let you know what comes back.