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  • Explain Multicam to me

    The edit is done, so no stress, but for next time I want this done differently. So here is what we do and need:

    shooting a sportsevent we have 4-5 cameras; all with realtime synced timecode. I usually drop the footage (P2 mxf) for each day and camera into a bin-folder. Cameras didn´t roll through, but start and stop whenever it is their turn on the course.

    So this time I edited it the conventional way. Finde Cam 1 at TC A and then edit each competitors run with all cams.

    So now I tested Multicam and got following issues:
    a) Looks like all material has to be in one folder. Not a big issue, as I simply copied all clips from each camera into one new binfolder "multicam day X". Is there a way to use multicam with clips from different folders?

    b) When I use the 4 cams of ONE competitor I get 4 camera-lines on the timeline. One for each cam and it all goes smooth. But if I try to do the whole event by choosing all shots done within 2 hours I get dozens of lines on the timeline. Edius doesn´t know which shots are from cam1, cam2, cam3 etc but instead takes every instance as a new camera. Can I mark shots as being camera 1, 2 etc? Which is back at a).......can clips be used from within different folders?

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    a) Multicam mode doesn't care where the clips come from - they can be from the EDIUS Bin or Windows Explorer - just like clips added to the timeline in non-Multicam mode.

    b) Currently there is no way to "group" multiple (separate) clips and "assign" them as a single camera. Here's what I'd do:
    1. Make a sequence for Camera 1
    2. Put the Camera 1 sequence in Multicam mode
    3. Set Multicam Sync mode to Timecode (or whatever method you've used to sync the clips)
    4. Drop all the clips for Camera 1 in the timeline
    5. Now you should (hopefully) have a sequence that should contain camera 1's footage, with black in the areas when the camera wasn't shooting.
    6. Go back to Normal mode
    7. Repeat steps above for addditional cameras
    8. Create a new "Edit" sequence
    9. Put the "Edit" sequence in Multicam mode
    10. Drop the sequences you created for each camera into the timeline.
    Now you should see each camera's shot synced together and cut between them as if they were a single clip.

    Remember to turn on the Show Source Timecode option (in Application Settings) if you need to see/know the original timecode.