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Problem print to tape hdv

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  • Problem print to tape hdv

    I have no trouble editing with hdv in edius 4.5. I can capture the mt2 files and play them as well as output in that format. However I recently tried to output a project that has mt2 files to hdv tape. Although Edius recognises the Sony HC7 for capturing it comes up with error ocurred in printing to tape when I try print from the timeline to tape. Curiously this also happens in Vegas 7.
    What have I missed ? Windows XP Pro seems to recognize the camera when I plug or unplug it.
    I have no problem outputting to standard dv tapes.
    Help JJ

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    You cannot "print to tape" to HDV, you have to export it to m2t (long process, unless you use Speed Encoder for HDV and have a fast computer) and then when you have that file, you can record it back to a miniDV tape.

    DV and HDV are totally different, DV uses firewire to input/output a realtime signal, HDV uses it to just "transfer" files.


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      print to tape

      The files on the timeline are m2t files with simple crossfades and two layers of audio with some subtitles.
      This plays back ok on my Quad core PC with a WD Raptor drive and 8800gt card. I thought if it played back from the timeline it would allow me to record to tape.
      I have made a m2t file of the project, how do I print this out to tape. If I put it in the timeline it still wont record onto tape.


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        Print to tape

        Dave, sorry for my inabilty to read the manual. Of course after rendering the project as a m2t file i have to use mpeg ts to print ou to tape. I have got everyhing working now. A 10 min project only took 11 min to render.


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          It doesn't really matter what you did, you still have to render out a new m2t :)

          You have to start "MPEG TS Writer" from the Edius4 folder in your start menu > Canopus folder, or you can start it from within Edius by clicking on the Toolbox icon in the bin. You load your m2t there, then the rest should be self explanatory.

          This is the nature of HDV, no NLE or even the HDV format itself supports realtime recording via firewire to an HDV device for output...maybe in the future, who knows.


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            Originally posted by JeffDJ View Post
            Dave, sorry for my inabilty to read the manual. Of course after rendering the project as a m2t file i have to use mpeg ts to print ou to tape. I have got everyhing working now. A 10 min project only took 11 min to render.
            Welcome :)

            That's plenty a total of 21 mins with tape export, not bad at all.


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              Print to tape

              Maybe I spoke too soon. I now tried to print a dv project to tape. I did read the manual this time, followed all the instructions but it wont print to tape. In fact when the sony camera is switched on and connected by firewire to the computer the project wont even play from the timeline. I have to switch off the camera to play the timeline without it stopping. This situation happens no matter which sony camera I use.
              If I enter the print to tape from the File, print to tape menu a message, vcr not found appears then the settings which should be ok ie generic ohci.control 1ee1394 mode direct comes up.
              I have just rebooted the computer and this time it works but I still have to render some of the timeline something I didnt do in previous dv projects on a much slower computer.
              A puzzle.


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                does your timeline play fine without dropping frames when the camera is not connected?

                if yes, try rec to tape instead of print to tape

                switch camera to rec mode and then press space bar to start play the timeline (if the camera allows this???)

                I am using a Sony DSR-25 recorder and it allows rec to tape and print to tape with no issues
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                  (if you haven't already) Be sure you have your camera in the proper VCR mode to work with Edius. Generic HDV demands the cam be in HDV mode and DV projects demand the camera be in DV or downconvert HDV to DV. Auto is one of those stupid and useless camera modes. (stupid auto)
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                    it seem to be a hard work

                    i try to output hdv from timeline to tape but fail who can help me


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                      What are your steps to output? Are you using TS Writer?