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Just upgraded to Burn To Disc doesn't work

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  • Just upgraded to Burn To Disc doesn't work

    I just upgraded to Edius 8.53.

    I tried to export a media clip to DVD. It appears to write everything to the disc, but when I put it in a DVD player, nothing happens. If I eject the disc on my laptop, then re-insert it, nothing happens.

    Previously, after burning a disc, then putting it into a DVD player, it would just open up and start playing.

    It doesn't do that anymore.

    Any ideas why?

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    So are you saying that nothing is actually burned to the DVD or that it doesn't auto play? Your thread says Burn to Disc not working.

    Does the disc play in any other player?

    If the disc is simply not playing try enabling Windows auto play:

    Windows lets you easily set the AutoPlay defaults via the Settings app. See how you can enable AutoPlay for media, devices & folders, and its options.

    What app are you using to play DVDs on the laptop?
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      There are files on the DVD within VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. But it no longer auto plays when I put the disc either in a DVD player connected to a television, or if I insert it into my laptop.

      On my laptop I'm using VLC Media Player.


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        I could be wrong, but as far as I remember there are no files in the audio folder, it is empty.
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          Does it play if you manually start it?
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            did you burn to a DVD-R (the most reliable media for single layer)

            EDIUS uses the windows burn engine, so if there is a burning fault, blame windows

            I always burn with Nero Burning Rom or Imgburn, never an issue

            unfortunately, I do not trust the windows burning feature, it can work one day and not the next because of a Win update
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