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DNxHR HQX, HQ, SQ, LB Eduis 8.53

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  • DNxHR HQX, HQ, SQ, LB Eduis 8.53

    I use a gh5s and am looking into getting a monitor/recorder. The Atomos Inferno is looking good to me. However, I have Edius 8.53 and would like to know if we can upload the DNxHR codecs inside Edius? Is it hard to edit? vs h.264? If it is capable of imporing is there a codec I should stick to within the family such as HQX or HQ SQ? Where would I need to download the DNxHR format so I can bring it into Edius or does it recognize it natively? Thank you in advance.

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    DNxHD QuickTime codec (QuickTime-API needs to be activated in Edius settings)
    Avid Codecs contains Avid DV, DV100, DNxHD codecs. Avid HD intermediate codec (DNxHD) is useful if you want convert HDV/AVCHD to a format/codec that is supported in more editors(a mov with Avid
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      Thank you for the info


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        I cannot answer for the Inferno in UHD, something I look forward to getting for my GH5 too. However I have a BlackMagic Video Assist 5" that will record both ProRes and DnxHD ( not of course DnxHR ). Both ProRes and DnxHD work fine on my version of EDIUS 8.53WG.
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