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10 Things to Try if you get "Disk too Slow"

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    I had 'disk too slow' error fro the first time yesterday on a quad core, capturing DV.

    It turned out AVG was doing a virus scan! - suggest new features - report bugs - Free edius user add-ons


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      Choose optimal motherboard AND disk interfaces

      I would also add one deep technical issue which influence disc performance (especially RAID configurations).
      Modern motherboards have SATA ports controller build in/directly connected via SEPARATE data lines to Southbridge with HIGH throughput (3Gb/s) apart from standard PCI connected disk controller. Please, notice that even if disk controller is on the motherboard (not as addon PCI card), this controller is connected to PCI bus of M/B chipset. This link has LIMITED thruoutput of 133MB/s TOTAL capacity.
      You can have even on some M/B more SATA/PATA connectors: some driven by Southbridge located SEPARATE controller and some driven by “external to Southbridge” controller chip. Such a external chip is connected to Southbridge IN PARALLEL with any PCI located device… for example hardware editing board. In that case all disk transfer “fights” for PCI bus cycles with all PCI connected devices (it could be also PCI sound card and additional RAID controller or FireWire addon card. They all finally are TOGETHER connected to Southbridge via 133MB link.
      The difference is if you connect your video editing disk/RAID configuration to those SATA ports controller DIRECTLY via Southbridge located controller as this controller has SEPARATEBUS of 3Gb/s exclusively for those disk drives 
      For example it was “small” difference of popular year ago Asus P4C 800 Deluxe and P4C-E Deluxe (that” E“ letter). The former have separate SATA ports connected to Intel ICH SoftRAID controller (part of Southbridge) an previous Asus board have had additional SATA controller connected to PCI bus… There was huge performance difference, especially if you have many PCI devices and counted on video editing board processing which eats many PCI bus cycles…).
      So – choose disk port controlled by Southbridge chip, NOT by separate controller chip connected concurrently with other devices to PCI bus.

      Take a look ->

      Or buy current M/B with X38/48, P35 chipsets  That have even more separation of data transfer buses.



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        All very interesting BUT- It worked in 3.6 and still does, yet 4.6 on the same system (caddy swap) is broken and unusable. I have not seen any mention of it being fixed in 5.


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          Since XDCAMHD been a while since capturing - client VHS today for edit/DVD. Forgot about this prob until got the familiar message since E4 "Disk too Slow". Agree with DigitalDave E3.6 OK. Since dont have any E3.6 machines now - all E4.61 - mega pain, the issue or extra sensitivity since E4 has not been identified and fixed after all this time.
          Mark Stuart


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            Nope... deck setting don't help... still error on capture.
            NEO never had this problem and ver-5 says disk slow.
            2 ea 500 gb drive, defrag and neither is able to capture.
            All other programs are off nothing running but Edius...still refuse to capture.

            I read all the info in this section and nothing helps to capture.
            Someone said this is a bug... would be nice to hear from the company if they have some ideas as what to do.
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              I have re-instated E3.61 on my Storm PC and that will remain for any tape based capture work such as SD analogue, DV and HDV. No "disk too slow" with E3.61.

              All XDCAM HD etc work is done on E4.61 OHCI and NX PC's.

              Not much help if you only have 1 PC or 1 card.
              Mark Stuart


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                Drive to Slow

                When ever you get this mesage "drive to slow" just hit the F9 key and capturing will start again and you will not lose any of the capture video.


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                  Not much help if you put on a 2 hour master of a show to capture while you are out and it stops before you've got off the driveway!
                  Just give me the 3.6 capture module.


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                    Support is clueless and don't help much

                    Am frustrated with this V-5 as it does not capture.
                    The low-end NEO captured on the same system with stuff happening in the background... on 80% full HD!

                    NOW, V5 with everything stopped and a 500Gb SATA drive with nothing on it is 'slow' ?

                    The only thing support said that check the 'skip' on error box.
                    Already had it that way.
                    That don't help.

                    Anyone have a solution?
                    None of the solution listed so far made capture a success.
                    I'd even settle for someone to tell me how to have NEO and V-5 on the same computer, so I can capture with NEO.

                    BTW, Neo works just fine with capture on a $300.00 notebook (900Mb memory) with an almost full 30Gb Non-sata drive! This notebook is 800Mhz Acer...
                    So,this error is nonesence on a dual core 2Gb memory system.

                    Wish the company owe up to the bug and say so.... and fix it.


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                      what do you mean by it does not capture?

                      I capture every day and edit every day

                      what exact steps do you take to capture and do you use capture hardware or OHCI?
                      Anton Strauss
                      Antons Video Productions - Sydney

                      EDIUS X WG with BM Mini Monitor 4k and BM Mini Recorder, Gigabyte X299 UD4 Pro, Intel Core i9 9960X 16 Core, 32 Threads @ 4.3Ghz, Corsair Water Cooling, Gigabyte RTX-2070 Super 3X 8GB Video Card, Samsung 860 Pro 512GB SSD for System, 8TB Samsung Raid0 SSD for Video, 2 Pioneer BDR-209 Blu-ray/DVD burners, Hotswap Bay for 3.5" Sata and 2.5" SSD, Phanteks Enthoo Pro XL Tower, Corsair 32GB DDR4 Ram, Win10 Pro 21H2


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                        I will post my experiment later on tonight.
                        I was able to capture but the Edius has some internal problems with interrupts as far as I can tell. Not sure at this time and I'll post my findings.
                        Check back later.

                        Update, EDIT:
                        After many frustrating days, I was able to capture with V5.
                        I have not changed anything in my capture process and it was HD 1440X1080 basic setup from a canon HV20 camera.
                        What I noticed that a few programs sitting in my Win-XP tray (actually they were not doing anything), had an effect on the capture process.

                        These items were removed from the tray:
                        Skype (it was off-line Not active), Edius XDcCam, Net disk software (not active state), Trend Micro's PC Cillin (not active state) LAN connection (not used state, but ON).
                        Once these were gone, V5 was able to capture without any problem.

                        Reboot the machine and tried it again with same tape, same setup.
                        Unable to capture... disk error.
                        So, I removed whatever was in the tray one at a time and it was capturing again.
                        Repeat the process... same result.

                        I didn't have any hidden programs or anything running in the background.
                        The machine is free of virus and anything else that may have interrupted the capture.
                        I can't get any more specific as why it is working when I took those steps.
                        Previous version Edius I used had none of these problems and all the programs could run in the background, including the e-mail checker and never had a single error.

                        As long as I can capture I don't mind to stop everything else is not essential, but it should not be this way.
                        Hope this note will help the next person who has "disk too slow" error message :)
                        I read somewhere in this Forum that it is a 'default' message and has absolutely nothing to do with disk being slow or in error.
                        Even defrag the drive did not help or a brand new Internal Sata drive 100% available didn't help at all without removing the items from the tray.
                        With the edius NEO I was capturing to an 80% non-defragged Non Sata system drive with less than 1 Gb memory and a 1.2 Ghz laptop processor.
                        You figure it out.

                        Am done :)
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                          I think we do need a patch or something....
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                            well, the above fix I did worked for a while and now am back to the same disk error.
                            man, this is a real drag.


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                              You may want to create a new "user" for capturing, with nothing loaded in the task bar, or running in the background.

                              Sometimes you have to go back to basics. Start by turning off "indexing" for each disk in Windows CONTROL PANEL. Windows turns this on by default when you install a new drive.

                              Go into TASK MANAGER (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and take a look at what PROCESSES are taking CPU power. Do you need them??? "aaCenter.exe" is an example of an ASUS motherboard app intended for software power management, but it can hog 50% of your CPU's power.

                              Shut down VIRUS SCANNERS. You don't need data from your camera being inspected for trojan horses.

                              If you use RAID 5, don't forget to use a 32k offset and 128k stripes. This can improve troughput 5x - 10x, but a 4-disk RAID 10 is one of the better configurations for video editing.

                              SAMSUNG SpinPoint, SATA, 1-Terabyte drives are one of the best choices for fast, efficient high throughput r/w applications such as video editing, especially with their 32mb buffer.

                              Lastly, format your work drive(s) for a 32k or 64k cluster size. Having your computer break down mult-megabyte video files into 4k blocks (clusters) makes no sense. 4 k clusters (NTFS FORMAT default) may be efficient for a word processing program, but not for video files.
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                              -Motherboard: ASUS Maximus Extreme (the overclocker's dream)
                              -Processor: Intel E8400, running @ 4.29 GHz
                              -RAM: 8 gig of OCZ DDR3-1600, running @ 1.521 GHz
                              -Video Card: BFG 9800GX2; both GPUs dedicated to one monitor
                              -PCI x16 bus: overclocked to 105 MHz
                              -Capture Card: BlackMagic - DeckLink Extreme II
                              -Storage: 6 Samsung Spinpoint, 1 Terrabyte, SATA -drives; 4 drives in RAID 10
                              -OS: Vista64
                              -Panasonic AG-HMC150P HD Cams for field



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                                'Disk to slow'

                                The only way I could avoid the 'Disk to slow' was to add the jumper to limit the data transfer rate to 1.5Gb/s instead of 3Gb/s on my Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 SATA 3Gb/s 1.5-TB Hard Drive.
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