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error message when i execute titlemotion

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  • error message when i execute titlemotion

    using edius pro 4.02 on winxp with sp2
    and all temp folders cleared

    This is the error message i receive from the installation program
    SetupManagerForTM - InstallShield Wizard
    EDIUS was not found.

    This setup will not proceed.

    Never used titlemotion all these months - thought i would see what it offfers beyond quicktitler but my quest to discover so was abruptly cut short because of the above

    Could someone else throw some light on this pleease ?!

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    Where did you get your TM Pro from? Perhaps a more correct question will be - is your EDIUS Pro a standalone version or bundled with EDIUS DVX. If I understand things correctly, EDIUS Pro does not include TM Pro.
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      Some EdiusPro systems did include TMP. It is confusing. Depends on the board set you received. My TMP was bundled with the NX with HD card.

      I seem to remember this same problem in some earlier posts. Try a search.

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        By the way just to check, i later tired to install Titlemotion it on a friend's system that runs Edius 4.02 (not pro) and guess what his installation too quoted the same error i mentuioned above

        ....and Johnny D you are right about certain Edius Pro's being bundled with TMP