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Names of AVCHD clips depend on registration method

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  • Names of AVCHD clips depend on registration method


    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I could not find it searching this forum:
    I noticed that I can add AVCHD clips to the bin using two different methods:
    1. Select the individual *.MTS files in the BDMV\STREAM folder
    2. Adding the top directory (containing "PRIVATE") to the source browser, and select clips from there

    For the first method the files are named like "0000", "0001", etc. This is unfortunate if you have multiple memory cards, as each card starts at "0000".
    For the second method, clips are named like data and time. There the English-American date format (06/24/17) is used, while after import to the bin I see local German date format (24.06.2017). Unfortunately none of the formats is very good for sorting chronologically (my personal favourite).
    Any insights, tips or suggestions on this?

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    Set the bin to detail view and then pick the column you want to sort by.
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