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    I have a huge sequence of transparent png images (from Videoscribe), and I need to convert them to a transparent video. Been trying several products, ffmpeg and others. Can I do in Edius. It's just a straightforward process I was hoping. Not sure if I want to place 1000 images on the timeline.

    Anybody have a way to do this?

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    Yes, you can.
    1. Make sure you have alpha channel activated in project settings.
    2. Make sure that your png images are named as consecutive numbers. In the add-a-file dialogue window, select the first file and then tick the box that says "picture sequence" or something similar. * Edius will then create one big virtual video file with the framerate of your project settings.

    * by the way: unless you need it, do NOT tick the box that says "transfer images to project folder", for that might cause an unexpectedly time-consuming background job within Edius, even if your png files are only 100kb each.
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      Is this a "PROPER" image sequence i.e. like an animation? If so Captain is spot on.

      However if this is a 1000 images with alpha that you need to make a video file of, then that is a timeline job, like it or not. Please clarify.


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        Wow that worked with a couple clicks! Okay Edius and you guys are all amazing!