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EDIUS crashing!!!!

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  • EDIUS crashing!!!!

    Edius ( 4.51 - 4.54 ) crash when horizontal scrolling enabled on touchpad. To hung Edius you need just slightly touch the touchpad in the horizontal scrolling area on your laptop and you'll see the effect :)))

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    Edius on 4 different notebooks here and they all work fine.


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      Works fine on our hp notebooks.

      Maybe the notebook drivers should get updated.

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        Noooooooooo. Problem here.
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          Are you using the latest touchpad drivers?

          Are you using Vista?

          Does 4.51 crash?

          Can you disable horz. scrolling?
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            I would certainly check the drivers as was suggested. I, and many others have no problems using the touch pad.

            EDIUS is a fairly solid program and MOST not all but most of the time crashes are because of hardware or thier drivers not working correctly :)



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              I got ASUS W2P and use Windows XP with Synaptics Touchpad V6.2, EDIUS 4.54 hungs when I use horisontal scrolling on my touchpad. The second notebook (the old one) Dell Inspiron, EDIUS 4.52 hangs when I use horiz scroll. Yes I can disable it and already disabled, but it took nearly four months to find it out, and all that time EDIUS hung up quite often. Guys from technical support, did not help me, just advised to clean up registry. He-he. but the registry was perfectly clean because I re-install Windows several times and tried different version XP and Vista